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Alessia's Reviews

Read Alessia's personal take on a variety of  products and services, websites, videos, etc.

Opinions expressed are Alessia's own and are un-influenced by any commercial sponsorship or otherwise.

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Review No. 1 - The Doxy Die-Cast Wand
Spoiler Alert! - Simply the Rolls-Royce of 'massage' wands!!! 😍

This review features the incredible Doxy Die-Cast wand, or to give it it's full title, the 'Solid Metal Plug-in Vibrating Wand Massager'.

Featuring - 

  • Hand-finished metal body with silicone head cover 

  • Multi-variable speed and pulse settings up to 9000 r.p.m.

  • Long power cord for easy use (approx. 3 metres)

  • Materials: ABS, Silicone, Aluminium


Made in Cornwall, UK, this unit really is a quality product, the Rolls-Royce of wands. And it should be as it also has a price tag to match. Currently listed on their website (link below) at £154.99 ($198) although, like a Roll-Royce, you can even choose to customize your wand with various colours and trim options which can boost the price up to £195 ($250) if you choose the full package of options. 

(These are various colour options for the body, buttons, metal collar and silicone head)

Mine has all the standard colour options and I choose the gorgeous, sexy 'Candy' red metallic which has a superb quality finish. This is Doxy's top-of-the-range wand and everything about is reeks of quality. Weighing in at 690g it is reassuringly robust and makes such a welcome change from the usual adult toy fare. Obviously you can get wands for £30 but then you can also ride a cranky old bike when you could be reclining in the back of a silky limo - why would you?

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In use - wow, wow, wow! Shall I just leave it there - 'nuff said? Well I could do but this toy deserves more. Obviously originally designed for ladies use, little imagination is required to adapt it for male desires. There are a couple of different settings and speeds available and I can guarantee it will have you cumming in no time, everytime, 100%.

Turning the Doxy on, it powers up at the previous setting you used. Start by gently massaging your balls and cock and it will inevitably lead you on, turning the speed 'dial' up higher and higher as your heart rate climbs! A great trick is simply to lie on your back and use the wand on the tip of your cock, pushing firmly down, trapping your vibrating member between the wand and your belly. I defy you to last 5 minutes with this technological marvel.

24 Alessia Enjoys her Doxy Downtime 29.jpg

For experienced anal players the wand has obvious other uses and who better to demonstrate than yours truly. Click on the image below to enjoy a full glorious technicolour demonstration. (Subscription required)

Doxy Video Link.png
Keep checking back to find more reviews and views from Alessia in her own unmistakable style!
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